Home Renovations Continue: Things are finally coming together

After being stuck in the basement for a short duration, we kicked up the home renovations up a notch. The floors turned out great.


Next I began to finish the extra bedroom where I had taken down the chair rail.  The vision was to turn it into a bit of a library. So fresh paint, new light fixtures, and fancy new bookshelves went in.


All outlets were replaced


New and pretty!


New bookshelves from our local historical society who was giving them away for free!

Next the living room was tackled.


Supervising the progress


Starting to cut in

Next to do was getting the trim up. We also decided to replace light fixtures. Oh, so much progress yet so much more to go.



Spackling dust, the new dry shampoo

The home renovations continue. Those lazy bastards (aka the former home owners) have struck again. I was prepping our extra room for painting. Patching where I removed the chair rail, sanding, and re-patching.


That’s not blurry, it’s dust floating in the air. What a mess!!


My post sanding look. Old chemistry goggles are good for something!

Finally I was ready for one last wall and ceiling wash. I noticed as I was washing the ceiling that there were TWO colors up there. Very similar colors so I never noticed before but with my nose pressed up there to wash, it was clear, the lazy bastards didn’t bother to cut in when they painted. They just rolled to about 6 inches from the wall and stopped. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore but it still makes me roll my eyes.


We also are removing carpet in our living room. The hardwood floors will be sanded and refinished next week. Who covers hardwood with shitty carpet in the first place?! However, as we removed, we found another surprise.


We hadn’t swept yet. So much dirt under carpet!

Someone had stuck peel and stick vinyl flooring over the hardwood to create an “entry way.” It’s awful. Today’s project is going to be trying to peel it all up. That’ll be a good time, I’m sure.

At least we have supervisors who keep their opinion to themselves.


Keeping an eye on the progress

Home Renovations continue

I have, very slowly, been working on updating my house. While I was in nursing school, yes, like the entire time, we finished our guest room. Before nursing school I painted my office and at that point decided I hated the previous owners. Like a lot. At some point I need to put up some photos of the finished products. After I finished it, my office became my favorite place in the house. I swear it gets the best light and it just turned out so pretty. But I digress.

We have a third bedroom downstairs that was sort of functioning as our junk room. Everything we didn’t have a place for sort of just ended up in there. The carpet is terrible because it’s also the room where we housed a kitten during her first arrival and she tore it up at the doorway. Also, it’s the room where our ceiling leaked which had clearly happened before. We did have all of our books in there on cheap bookshelves we got from Target. Now we are repainting, pulling up the carpet, finishing the floor, and setting it up as a library.

The room had the stupidest chair rail ever. It was stuck out a good 1/2 inch from the wall which didn’t allow for anything to sit flush against it.

I removed it with glee! There was quite the paint story behind it too. I’m going to have sooo much spackling to do.

Wow, look at that orange sherbet color!

There quite an ice storm in lower Michigan today so the plan is to turn on a podcast, rip up some carpet and spackle my little heart out. Wish me luck!

It’s spring and I’m addicted to Pintrest

Spring has sprung here in Michigan, at least for the time being. It’s March we could still get another snow storm but I’m hopeful. It makes me want to do all things outdoors. It’s just not quite time yet as there is still a thick layer of snow over the grass. I did celebrate spring a bit today though so I thought I’d show you. Plus my co-blogger was talking some smack about posting more than me. So, I feel compelled to rise to the occasion!

Since I’ve moved into the new house I’ve developed an addiction to Pintrest. I thought it was totally stupid before especially when I was using it to try and look for crochet patterns. I think it’s mildly useless for that – I mean, geez, just use Ravelry! But, for house stuff I love some of the ideas. I finally decided to do a simple project with succulents now that they’re at Home Depot for cheap. So today I celebrated the weather and planted! It was wonderful.

Warm weather = peanut butter ice cream shake!

Warm weather = peanut butter ice cream shake!

The succulents I picked.

The succulents I picked.

Adding lava rocks to the bottom for drainage

Adding lava rocks to the bottom for drainage

Dirt, plants and sand added

Dirt, plants and sand added

Topped off with shells from a North Carolina vacation and sand dollars my mom brought me back from Florida.

Topped off with shells from a North Carolina vacation and sand dollars my mom brought me back from Florida.

A very old prom mug gets a new life!

A very old prom mug gets a new life!

Another basket. Note the Mortal Kombat bookend - cause we're cool like that!!

Another basket. Note the Mortal Kombat bookend – cause we’re cool like that!!

Can’t wait until it’s time to tackle more Pintrest projects! It’s going to be a crafty summer folks! Hopefully with power tools!!