Quick Little Baby Granny Square

I started a new job in February. With that came 3 pregnant bosses! They are all lovely ladies and it seemed like a good excuse to pick up the crochet hook again. Handmade gifts always go over really well. And those of you who crochet under how quickly a simple baby blanket can be whipped up. I finished this blanket first.

It was a nice slightly thicker wool yarn and I liked the colors. Simple, basic granny square pattern. I just alternated colors as I wanted.

I have a second baby blanket in the works. To be honest, I’ve been working on it for a few years. I got tired of the pattern and shoved in the closet where it sat for, well, a long time! But it’s a cute pattern and now I’m finally going to finish it! Here’s the work in progress:

And a cat. Because when you pull out the yarn the cats show up. 

The pattern can be found here. I have to complete the blanket this month to get it to it’s intended owner! Wish me luck.

Home Renovations continue

I have, very slowly, been working on updating my house. While I was in nursing school, yes, like the entire time, we finished our guest room. Before nursing school I painted my office and at that point decided I hated the previous owners. Like a lot. At some point I need to put up some photos of the finished products. After I finished it, my office became my favorite place in the house. I swear it gets the best light and it just turned out so pretty. But I digress.

We have a third bedroom downstairs that was sort of functioning as our junk room. Everything we didn’t have a place for sort of just ended up in there. The carpet is terrible because it’s also the room where we housed a kitten during her first arrival and she tore it up at the doorway. Also, it’s the room where our ceiling leaked which had clearly happened before. We did have all of our books in there on cheap bookshelves we got from Target. Now we are repainting, pulling up the carpet, finishing the floor, and setting it up as a library.

The room had the stupidest chair rail ever. It was stuck out a good 1/2 inch from the wall which didn’t allow for anything to sit flush against it.

I removed it with glee! There was quite the paint story behind it too. I’m going to have sooo much spackling to do.

Wow, look at that orange sherbet color!

There quite an ice storm in lower Michigan today so the plan is to turn on a podcast, rip up some carpet and spackle my little heart out. Wish me luck!

We interrupt this training plan for The Sickness.

I’m signed up to run in the Detroit half marathon, not the international one but the one that stays state side and runs around Belle Isle. I’m not sure exactly what the difference is (other than the course…obviously) but I’m not all that excited about this half. Mostly because the training has not been going so great.

Over the summer I didn’t run as much as I had hoped to. Long runs became a thing of the recent-past while  I struggled to finish the hundred shadowing hours for my dental school application. I did get some speed work in while working with my kids’ cross country team in their pre-season and I tried to get back on track in August after the application was submitted but I also started coaching middle school cross country at that time. I love caching but it cuts into my already limited running time.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I realized there was only a month until the Detroit half…

I regularly maintain a decent level of running ability but I knew I needed to kick this training into gear if I wanted to reach my goal of 2:05 (which would be a PR by 2 minutes and 27 seconds). With exactly a month left to train, I got in my first ten mile run of this cycle but it was slower and more painful than it should have been. That same week I ran half of a half (or just over 6.5 miles) at slightly faster than a 2:05 half race pace. I was pretty pumped and felt like things were getting closer to where they should be. No, I wasn’t going to be able to do a long run every week but by following a two week rotating schedule I’d still get a couple above-ten-milers in before race day. Other than that I was going to focus on pace and do some speed-work while logging three to six mile runs…

Was. Going. To.

In the process of rolling out the amended training plan something happened, another snafu. I got sick. Like the Can’t stop coughing, crap in my lungs, I can’t breath so I can’t run kind of sick. I did try. I’ll pretty much try to run through anything. Sometimes it helps, not so much this time.


After trying to run anyhow, I realized this rule has some merit.

As September rolled into October I watched what should have been a hundred mile month turn into just under eighty and my hopes of PR-ing this go round get dimmer and dimmer. Altogether I missed a week of training. There were a couple slow, painful 3 mile runs in there but that hardly counts.

So, here I am with just under two weeks until race day feeling very under-prepared. I’m doing what I can to make up for lost time starting with a (hopefully) ten mile run today but breathing is still tricky. There’s definitely some fluid movement going on in the old lungs. I’m going to do what I can to salvage this go-round of half marathon training and hope I can somehow miraculously manage to PR  try to avoid embarrassing myself come October 16.


One thing I’ve learned from this, I am definitely a process runner. Like a process knitter or crocheter enjoys the making of something as much as the final product, I truly enjoy training for a relatively longer race like a half-marathon as much if not more than I do actually running the race. Sure the race is the pay off, the proof that you did the hard stuff, but the hard stuff, the day in and day out training, is the part that matters.

Crochet blues

Yep, I’ve got them the crochet blues. I haven’t been satisfied with my projects and I’m lacking inspiration.


This hat didn’t turn out quite right. It’s too narrow at the top and just needs a quick revision. The yarn was difficult to work with because it was cheap and kept bunching up. It looks pretty made up but I am not looking forward to frogging it and fixing the top. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but it does not slouch. It…folds….sorta….not attractively.


This is a shawl I made. It wasn’t supposed to be a shawl. It was supposed to be a cowl. I followed a pattern but it ended up too wide to just be a cowl and not long enough to double up. So I decreased and turned it into a shawl. Now don’t get me wrong I actually like this but it wasn’t what I pictured or was going for. Also this yarn, Homespun, is kinda a bitch to work with. It’s fuzzy and hard to see the stitches.

Yep, I’ve got the crochet blues.

I do have a lot of other stuff going on. Crochet has just fallen to the back burner a bit. I need a pattern that says “Make me! I’m wonderful!”

If you have any suggestions I’m all ears. I’m working on a baby blanket that will be cute but is pretty basic. It’s ripple blanket and I do love a ripple but I sometimes a girl just wants variety in life. This is the first time in quite awhile that I only have ONE project on the hook.

In other news – I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of some poor sap in my parking lot that got plowed in.


I mean seriously! I have no idea how they got out. I would’ve been so angry it this happened to my car.

This is a bit how I feel lately. I’m short on motivation across the board. Unfortunately other things in life have a deadline. Or maybe that’s a good thing otherwise I’m not sure I’d leave the couch!


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