Finishing the Bathroom 

One thing I’ve learned about home improvement projects from fixing up my bathroom is that there is no hard and fast finish to these things. It’s not like those shows where they add one last touch, have a big reveal, pack it up and call it a day. Right now my bathroom is mostly done. Basically. I could add another layer of paint to those shelves and maybe I’ll caulk around the toilet. Oh, and there might be a small drip under the sink that will have to be addressed at some point…but the renovation is, for all intents an purposes, finished.

I panted, tiled, and caulked. There is a new sink and vanity, new faucet, and a semi-new toilet (replaced just over a year ago when something fell in the previous one and it stopped flushing. Turns out it’s cheaper to replace the toilet than get a plumber out.)

Here are some of the stages of progress:

bathroom progress 2.jpg

bathroom progress 1.jpg

Some creative thinking/problem solving skills were employed to make this vanity fit. My choices were limited by the narrow space between the wall and toilet; of the few available I really liked this one (and the mirror that matches).

Not impressed yet? Well, it started like this:

And now it looks like this:

finished bathroom 1.jpg


finished bathroom 2.jpg

Okay so the tub is still a little rough but that’s a project for another day.

All told the cost of this bathroom update was right around $700 including paint, tiles (from the Habitat for Humanity Restore), cement backer board,thin set, grout, grout sealer, the vanity/sink, faucet, some pvc drain pipe stuff, and an assortment of random tools and bits and pieces. Oh, and a reciprocating saw. If all goes according to plan (and really when does it ever?) you’ll be seeing some more of the saw’s handiwork in the spring. Now that I’ve dipped my toes in the home improvement pond I intend to do some serious wading

New Running Gear, New Motivation

Motivation is something I’ve been short on lately. I’ll take any excuse not to do just about anything these day. Running has been no exception.
Sure it’s been cold (polar vortex anyone?).
Sure we’ve had over a foot of snow laying around for a month now. But there have been some sunny days with acceptable running temperatures that I have turned a blind eye to.

This past week I think I may have found a solution to my mid-winter slump… New Running gear.


Specifically new cold weather running gear.
I actually got the mask for Christmas but the obnoxiously pink hoodie, an awesome waterproof black top layer/jacket, and some gloves are all new.
I’m not a big spender so buying this much stuff, especially for myself, in one fell swoop pretty much guarantees that I’ll use it.
It goes something like this: my brain starts coming up with excuses not to run (but it’s sooo cold, there’s going to be ice everywhere, you really don’t need it today).
But then my brain answers “Oh no you don’t! You just spent X amount of money on all this new stuff for running in the cold, you better get out there & use it!”
And guess what…. it works.
I got out for a run the other day and it was great.
I didn’t even feel the cold.

Of course this week it’s supposed to warm up. We might even see the thirties. This is exciting for Michigan in February.
Even if it doesn’t warm up for a few more weeks I’m prepared and determined to get my money’s worth on
this running gear. This motivation should get me through February and into March…and spring which is always a great time to run because really when isn’t?