New Camera = New Hobby

As I mentioned, I’m looking to pick up some new hobbies this year. I purchased a really fancy camera…well, fancy for me. In the great realm of cameras it is on the “beginners” side but I still find it pretty darn fancy. Later this month I’m taking a class at a local community college to learn how to use it. In the meantime I’ve been playing with it and thought I’d show off some results. You’ll have to excuse the multiple cat photos. They are the most willing available subjects.

Checking out the new things

My Dad's dog during Christmas. There's bacon cooking in the background. She's a happy puppy!

My Dad’s dog during Christmas. There’s bacon cooking in the background.

Out on Belle Isle Conservatory in Detroit



My sister’s dog. Also during Christmas. Also, quite happy. There were treats.

Also, at the Belle Isle Conservatory

A park behind my house. I was playing with different lens. 

I’m excited for the class to learn about all the functions of the camera. There are so many options that I don’t know how to use yet. I’d like to get outside some more but it’s been so cold around here that there’s just no way I’m torturing myself like that. Brrr.

I still like a good resolution


As I mentioned before, I love resolutions. It just feels like a fresh start to the year and is full of possibilities.


Even if they don’t stick and I like the effort of trying to carve a new beginning all because the calendar changed. Last year my resolution was to be more put together which included a better wardrobe (i.e. less pj time), more exercising and better schedule. I’m not entirely sure I succeeded but I didn’t exactly fail either. I had a go at running for a bit in the middle, my wardrobe still needs some assistance but the pjs have been put in their proper place and I started nursing school which killed the schedule. Nursing school, of course, was the biggest change and after being stressed and overwhelmed through most of the first semester I’m slowly adjusting to the new pace of life. That could be the vacation talking however – I’ve had a lovely two weeks of only working.

This year my new year’s resolution: To be more prepared and plan ahead.


As usually happens to me, and others, I get busy so I let things slip. Those things are usually exercise and food. It’s an ongoing theme for me and with the holidays, well….


I do need to exercise but I really need to get my food intake under control. I fall back on unhealthy eating patterns due to ease and convenience. So, back to my new year’s resolution, I want to plan my meals ahead. I want to prepare freezer meals and have healthier things to grab and go. Exercise needs to play a role too…as it does every year. I’ll probably go out and join a gym with the millions of others.


Maybe new year’s resolutions are a pipe dream but I enjoy a reason for a fresh look at things and trying again. Join that gym, stop smoking, get organized, spend less money, take that trip and, by all means, fall in love. I’m with you! (I got a bit cheesy there…I blame the hangover!)