I think of myself as a relatively patient person. I worked with kids for years then I moved on to traumatic brain injury patients. Both jobs relied on keeping cool and being patient with whatever situation arises. Even now, on a regular nursing floor, I understand the importance of being patient even though there are ten million other tasks to complete.


I rarely have road rage. (Unless someone cuts me off.) I can make a (usually) unbroken cheesecake which requires so much waiting and patience for a properly finished product. I just don’t get riled up easily.

BUT, then there are times when I’m extremely impatient. Waiting in long busy noisy lines gets me. I’m impatient when other people are running late and I’m meeting them. It drives me crazy.  And once I’ve made a decision, I just want it to happen.

This is also the case with New Year’s Resolutions. I just want them to happen. Unfortunately they are all things that take time. As I mentioned, I’m job hunting, and, probably, driving everyone crazy because I’m talking about it so much. I just want to know what that next step is going to be. Now. I want to know now and I want to begin down that path now! However, everything moves slowly in the healthcare world. So I just have to be patient and wait.

I’m a whole 2 days into trying to lose weight…with no results yet. Obviously.

when-you-dont-eat-for-5-hours-but-youre-still-29859597 (2)

I’m realistic. Really. But it still tests my patience. I’m trying, so what do you mean I have to wait for results?! How many times do I have to go to the gym and not eat fries before I start seeing results?!?! (I do understand the reality of it all, honestly.)

I’ve got some long roads to go down, I get that. And I’m trying really hard to be patient.




I want it NOW!

I’m trying to kill my grass. No, really, you read that right. I want to kill all the grass/weeds that currently inhabit my itty bitty backyard. My plan is to kill it, since it mostly grew in as weeds this summer, and start fresh in the spring. Then I’d like to landscape it so I never have to mow back there. It’s a seriously small backyard and I have dreams of making it an self-sustaining oasis. So yesterday and sprayed it with grass killer and was excited to look at this morning. I looked out the window hoping to see a “field” of brown…buuuttt…it looked the same. Damn it, where are my instantaneous results?!

I want it NOW!

This led me to think about other areas in my life where I’ve been lacking patience. Where if I just relaxed my expectations and had a whole lot of patience (plus some other stuff) things would probably work out better. Two prime examples are running and weight loss. Obviously these things go hand in hand.

I don’t want to go through all the hard parts. The beginning of running just sucks – I just want to be able to do it. I know, somewhere in my head, it’s the hard parts that matter.

The same holds true for weight loss. I don’t want to have to put in the work. I’d really prefer the quick fix. I’m not even a person who really believes in quick fixes. I never buy into fad diets or claims – although I have considered trying the ice cream diet. J/K
School too. While I really enjoy parts of it going through the day to day can be hard and I just want to get to the end result. Yep, I’m going through a big I want it now phase. I really need to step back find my patience and start the hard parts. Embrace the hard parts.
I just want it NOW!!

I just want it NOW!!

P.S. If anyone has any landscaping tips, I’ll take them!!