Timing is Everything

Timing is everything on so many fronts. I had a dream last night that I double booked myself for horse riding lessons and another event at 8am in the morning. I couldn’t understand why I would do that and even in my dream I knew that planning something for 8:00 in the morning was just crazy.

A week and a half a go was finals week. That’s right, another semester is in the books. Right in the middle of finals week my fridge leaked! All over the corner of the basement. And it smelled awful. How is it that small crises know just when to pop up?! Just when there really isn’t proper time to deal. So in the middle of finals week there was carpet cleaner rental and elaborate fan set ups to dry everything out. Luckily, my significant other stepped up and fixed the actual leak (after several trips to Home Depot, of course). Now that finals week is over the basement is dry and non-smelly. Although we may have decided to re-do the basement sooner rather than later.

On a broader scale I’ve had more than one conversation about timing in life this week. I’m one of the older ones in my nursing program (not THEE oldest, just sayin’) but there are often young 20-somethings in my groups. Most of them are delightful and teach me all kinds of new things and other times the age difference shines. Part of me is jealous that these young students found their path in life so early. They’ll graduate, get a good nursing job and start their career nice and early. They simply have time that I’ll never have. BUT, I wouldn’t have been ready for something like nursing the first time I went to college. At that point I didn’t even realize it was something that would interest me (Although with several family members in the field and similar fields one would think I would’ve had a clue!). And I loved psychology, my first major. With psychology though there is no clear job path and it’s really kind of a useless without a Master’s. This meant that early in life I searched high and low for a career and took jobs that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. So, now I’m all well-rounded or at least that’s what they call it when there are some zig and zags to the path.


Timing really is everything. Earlier in life I probably wouldn’t have been financially stable enough to attend school full time. Or had the support. Or been able to juggle both full time work & school. ┬áSometimes I wonder if time and life knows what it’s doing and sometimes the fridge leaks during finals week.





Time & Socks

Two things I hate the most, time and socks, elusive bastards both. Always running out, always evading me when I need them most. There’s never enough, time and socks. Except in summertime.



April 28th

That’s the day I’m looking forward to. It’s the end of my semester. Not that I don’t love staying up until 2pm after working all night. Or taking tests while sleep deprived.

College classes kill my time to crochet, and read and all other things that don’t have to do with homework.

It’s not all bad. I enjoy school and learning. I’ve got that nerd thing going. School just detracts from other nerdy ventures that don’t have strict deadlines and therefore are more fun. Plus no one grades me on how perfect my crochet stitches are….I mean they’re pretty damn good so I think I’d get an A anyway.

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