A Runner? Not me…but here it goes anyway

So by now you may have noticed my co-blogger is a runner. And she, like, likes it! One night at work she was waxing poetic about the joys of running. Man, she made it sound good. Somehow she talked me into training for a 1/2 marathon this year. She made it sound so delightful. I had pictures of me breezily jogging down the street in cute running clothes, getting skinny and overall heath and wellness. Apparently I can be talked into anything when sleep deprived. Reality just flies out the window.

I am not a runner. I haven’t exercised regularly in YEARS! And, yeah, I’m overweight.  I started to jog in January. We were scheduled to do a 5k last weekend. She did the 5k. I did not. After 1 month of jogging I got sick. Just your average head cold mind you but that was all I needed to stop training…for all of February. That’s right one week off turned into one month which is slowly turning into two.

But today it was almost 50 degrees out. 50!! And with all the cold we’ve had I couldn’t let this weather go to waste. Plus we’re supposed to get some monster snow storm tomorrow. Inspired by the weather I stopped my delaying and went for a run/walk.  Time to get started on keeping my word.

Now let me just say I did not look cute and it was not fun. There was huffing and puffing. (No houses blew down though so I suppose that’s something!) But I went and now that I’m done it’s good.

So while my co-blogger is inspiring and loving the run I’ll be in the background whining and bemoaning it…but doing it cause damn it I said I would. And it’ll get better….RIGHT?!?!?!?