I Can’t Say If Bigger Is Better But it Sure Is Faster

….That’s what she said. (Snicker)
Apparently I’m channeling my inner child tonight & it’s a thirteen year old boy.
Seriously though, bigger is faster.
Bigger yarn (super bulky ,I think) + bigger hook (8mm) + bigger stitch (treble) = a quick and chunky hat. 



Don't worry, it looks way better on my head than it does on my knee.


I bought this yarn o

n a whim sometime around Christmas specifically to make something for myself. It’s partially wool and oh-so soft but I lost the lab

el so I
can’t tell you the exact blends or brand. At $6 a skein this was a bit of a splurge for me though.
Since I’ve not done much with super bulky weight yarn I didn’t much know what to do with this stuff but I knew I wanted to do it soon….
Three months later I was looking for something simple to work on while watching a movie with my kids. They had chosen one we’ve seen before so I definitely needed something to do. I remembered the soft, chunky yarn that was still in my yarn cabinet.
First I tried a basic treble V-stitch hat pattern but the bulk of the yarn didn’t work with that. I did like the height of the stitches. Then I tried a regular beanie using treble stitches. I had to modify my usual rate of increase but that worked. And fast.
By the end of the movie I had most this baby finished. I had a little time later and wrapped it up.
On the last row I did doubles instead of trebles just for something different.
I’m still thinking about adding a finishing row in a bold colored worsted weight yarn but I’m not sure how that’ll work.
Either way I’m happy with the hat and it was pretty gratifying to start and finish a project in one evening.


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