Crochet Conundrum…Suggestions Welcome

So I’ve been working on a blanket for my sister for Christmas. You can see my progress here, here and here. It’s been going really well. And then I realized I miss-measured!!! Ahhhhh! Now I have three rows of granny squares and one row is longer than the rest! See–

IMAG0371Can you see the end on the skinny grannies? It’s gone long. Here’s a closer look.

IMAG0372It’s about an inch or so too long. If I stretch the wide granny squares the seams show and look terrible. I’ve already bordered all the rows and really don’t want to undo the borders. Really, I don’t want to undo anything! I’m looking to add something maybe. This particular blanket will also have a few more parts and a rather large border. I could make the border sort of include my mistake.Β It’s going to be a vivid blanket with a going on and a lot of different parts so I’m hoping to find a way to include/mask my mistake. Any suggestions are very, very welcome!!

What’s that saying about measuring twice??


6 thoughts on “Crochet Conundrum…Suggestions Welcome

  1. Sarah says:

    If it was me I would do another two rows of the large granny squares (they look great btw) and run the small ones down the middle. If it’s symmetrical then it might look intentional or at least it won’t jump out at anyone. What do you think? Too much work?


    • sindel17 says:

      Well I have another row that is going to be ripples (horizontal) and then a shell stitch row (vertical) that still have to be completed and added on. I can put the long bit in the middle…I think that will give it a bit of “yeah, I did this on purpose” feel! That for the suggestion!!


  2. RobotDancing says:

    Is making a few more squares an option? From here it looks as though one more small square on the smaller strip would make it just long enough to match up to one more big square on the big strips. There was probably an easier way to say that! I see that you already have your borders on, but if you used a matching colour for the edges of the new squares, it might work. I love those bright colours, by the way. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket πŸ™‚


    • sindel17 says:

      I was playing around with the idea of adding on tiny squares. Maybe I’ll make one or two as a trial to see how it might look. Thanks bunches for the suggestion! It’s nice to have other perspectives. I love the colors too! It’s been a fun project to work with all the different colors.


  3. Call it a scarf and a wrap instead of a blanket? Those colours are awesome, they should be shared with the world not kept indoors! Alternatively I am wondering what fibres you used? If there is a natural fibre content you may find that blocking out the short piece stretches it enough that they fit together. You may well have to seam it using mattress stitch rather than crocheting them together though. Otherwise I would just add extra border to the short bit! πŸ™‚


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